About the author

Sam Schreim is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Business Model Hackers® after working for more than two decades as a Sam Schreim is a senior strategy consultant and the author of Storytelling with Charts (STC) — a compelling and intuitive guide built on a new but proven framework designed to compress years’ worth of learnings to accelerate the mastery of story deck presentations in less than a day.

Through the STC method, Schreim helped consulting firms secure over half a billion dollars in new business and engagement work.

For decades, Schreim has advised numerous blue-chip C-suite members, global management consulting firms, startups, entrepreneurs, government and state leaders, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals on matters of strategy and general management and in-between, he founded and sold several startups.

Today, his goal is to put his invaluable business strategy expertise into practical guides for business professionals. To follow his work and his books, visit BusinessModelHackers.com